Human society has made rapid progress in the field of material comforts, technology, education, and economic development throughout the entire world. Yet there remains a pinprick somewhere in the social body at large, and therefore there are quarrels amongst persons at various levels. In addition, pervasive problems with the environment and economy persist.  Naturally, everyone is searching for solutions to these predicaments.  However, in the words of Albert Einstein, we cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness with which we created them.  The root cause is not a lack of education, insufficient resources, or a problem with the government: it is a deficient condition of consciousness.

Bhakti Yoga Club is a unique group on campus that seeks, through a shift in consciousness, to address the underlying cause of all the problems we see today.  By giving individuals the opportunity to experience culture from ancient India through a blend of Bhagavad Gita discussion groups, mantra mediation, speaker events, yoga asanas, and vegetarian cooking classes, Bhakti Yoga Club offers a solution on a spiritual level, leading to a wholesome and satisfying lifestyle.  Beyond offering a means to help students at the individual level, Bhakti Yoga Club provides an opportunity for thoughtful persons to meet with like-minded souls, often leading to lasting and fulfilling friendships.


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